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Losing Internet Connection

I am connected to the internet using a wired connection through my router and for the past week or so I have been losing my Internet connection and it's quite annoying as the only fix is to reboot the PC and all is well again.

When I lose my connection I can still ping my router and various sites on the internet ie.

I have another PC connected to the same router and that one still works ok when I lose my connection and I have tried swapping the ports, but is makes no difference so the problem is with the PC and not my Modem/Router

Can someone tell me why this is happening and what can I do to fix it


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What kind of OS do you have ?
Vista or xp or other ?
If it is vista tell me is it vista Beta 2 ?
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Sorry, I should have said, it's XP Pro SP3
Do you have vsmon.exe in your processes ?
Obviously the PC is working ok at the moment as I'm talking to you, but I've just checked and there is no vsmon.exe in my processes
Did you ever check your event log after this happen ?
Clear your event log and then after same situation look for an event ,if there is write it here.
Also check for trojan or worm ,maybe your computer affected by one of this things.

lets start scanning your computer for viruses or malware.

I would recommend microsoft security essentials for this.

Ok, I've done two scans one with my Antivirus and one with my Malware scanner and both have come back clean
Do you remember installing any new software just prior to this problem?
Try removing the driver, reboot and let the OS install the driver again.
Try changing the patch cable.
Make sure the the power management for the ehternet card is off.
If this does not help try testing with another ethernet card.

Do you have some type of firewall program enabled?


I only have the Microsoft Firewall Enabled

I've not installed any software that can cause this problem

It hasn't happened for a few days now, but if does I will try another Network Card although this one is intergrated into the motherboard

Thanks for you help so far
As i told you,would you please check your event log ?
The integrated card can be disabled in the BIOS when the computer boots up.

Are you using a router? If so please check if it functioning correctly.

Also if you are using your routing disable your firewall on your windows pc for a couple of days.

Your router will act as a level of protection.
You say "When I lose my connection I can still ping my router and various sites on the internet ie.".  Does this mean that you are able to ping the sites but not able to connect to them via a web browser?

Have you swapped the network cable?  I have known dodgy RJ-45 cables to cause very odd problems.

Are you getting this problem on a regular basis?  If so you might want to create a boot disk using Ultimate Boot CD -  This will enable you to test the operating system.  If you are still getting the same problem it will be hardware related issue, if the problem goes away you know its a software problem..  You might also look at the log files on your router when this happens and see what errors you are getting.

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Replaced the ADSL Modem/Router and the problem has been resolved