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Backup Microsft Office license before re-install

Hi Everyone,
I have a Windows 7 64-bit computer with Office 7 Basic installed.
I need to re-install the OS because of some problems I am having

How will I be able to use the same license key for this computer's Office Basic after I re-install the OS?

I'm assuming if I try, I would get an error message to say the key is already in use. But I need to use the key on the same computer.
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I see now that you are talking about Office - not the OS.
It still isn't a problem - same computer/same motherboard, so it will not show up as an 'additional' installation.
You will not get an error message. The license will work fine after you re- install Office.
Is there some reason for posting the same information I already gave?
When I posted your comment was not there. Relax
Clearly my first post is a solution to this question.
Same computer, same user, same license.
Following an 'Objection' by younghv (at to the intended closure of this question, it has been reviewed by at least one Moderator and is being closed as recommended by the Expert.
At this point I am going to re-start the auto-close procedure.
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