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IPSec VPN Keeps Dropping

We have a Netgear Prosafe SRXN3205 and are trying to keep an IPSec VPN connection open with a client's office. All I know about their equipment is that they have cisco routers. They asked for access to our router so they could configure it and the VPN's connection status is not consistent. It does work but it drops alot and won't really come back up easily, it seems completely random. I should forewarn you, I've never setup a VPN in my life so I don't know the first way of starting to troubleshoot this. I wouldn't think the configuration is the issue because it will connect, its just not a stable connection. Let me know what information is needed, thanks!
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check any firmware upgrades. if not make sure idle timeout is "0"

try SA life with 86400 on both sides.

do you have static IP or dynamic IP.

If dynamic ip. that could be causing the issues
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I have static but does the idle timeout need to be configured on the host router? We are just connecting as a client.
Just looked through the configuration and the router wasn't set to detect when the connection is dead and keepalive wasn't enabled. Changed both and it seems to be working for now, thanks!
You're welcome & thanks for the grade! Good luck.