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Windows 7 cannot change network type

i recently setup a Windows 7 PC and added it to my LAN.  The problem is, I guess I said it was a public entwork.  Now i need to change it to a work network.  I am unbale to do that, even if i log in as the network administrator.
In XP I could add a local user to the PC, login to the PC (not the network) and reconnect to my network.  i cannot even add a local user to this pc.
How can I change my network type to 'work'?
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Is it Home Premium or Professional?
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How are you trying to change the network type (or location, as it is more appropriately called)?  You need to open Network and Sharing Center, click on the link that says "Public network" under "View your active networks", and then you will be taken to a page where you can change it to "Work network."
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Now I tried disconnecting from the network by setting the PC up in a workgroup.  It required me to reboot.  upon reboot i can no longer login.  NOW WHAT?!?!?  i was never asked to setup a password for a local admin.  My regular network user name cannot login (of course).  Any suggestion?  i have really screwed myself up here.
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That is not the correct solution - I'd like to change the network type (location) but am unable to do so as Windows 7 doesn't allow this in the window 'set network properties'.