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Can a single ethernet port on a ADSL modem support multiple IP addresses?

Can I connect one cable to a single Ethernet port on a ADSL or CATV modem and get multiple IP addresses out of that cable at the other end which is connected to a hub?

Assume the DSL or CATV provider gives out multiple IP addresses (public or private)
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Typically not with just a hub.  Most ISP's only provide one IP address, so the first device connected would probably connect, but not the others.  Or at worst, they would fight with each other for that one IP address.

But instead of using the hub, if you spent 40 bucks on a cheapo home router, it would take your public IP, and perform the NAT routing for as many machines you like.

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What are you attempting to accomplish?

Do you really need multiple public IP addresses?  

I can't remember which brands/models, but I know I have see some that do support mutliple public IP addresses.  I am fairly sure that Cisco's routers do.