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Sonicwall tz170 not displaying web links on the web hits page under log > reports > view data web site hits from the drop down menu

I have a tz170 sonciwall that is not displaying any data in the web site hits drop down menu.
I looked at the exact model on another site and it does display data.

Is there anything I can do to turn this feature on.
I thought it was turned on by default.
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Hi Kallatech

It is possible that web monitoring is not turned on. You should see an option on the reporting to collect web data, this needs to be turned on. This feature varies on different models of the SonicWALL range and also different OS revisions. Be aware that this feature does use up more memory on the TZ-170 and may reduce the amount of other logged data your appliance collects.

Also you could check on the Logging feature on the appliance where you can set different elements of the firewall to be reported in the firewall logs, this way you could output the data to a Syslog server or similar type product.

You could also use the SonicWALL reporting software called ViewPoint however this is a licensable feature for most of their firewall range. The software is free to download from your account however you will need to check on the licensing tab of the TZ-170 appliance to see whether you have the ability to use the feature.
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Start web collection is on because I have the option to stop it.
I do see information under the drop down option for bandwidth useage by ip address and by service.
I do not see any information under the website hits.
so you have enhanced or standard of the tz170?  review this KB and report back your thoughts.
standard OS
firmware 3.1.0

I am running IE 8. I wonder if it is a browser problem?

I did what was mentioned in the article.
I then typed, and in the browser and the sonicwall says no entries under Web Site Hits.
your firmware revision is a little old.  there are two releases available for the 170.  one release in 2007 and the other in 2009 as a hotfix.  what revision is the other sonicwall?  is it standard os as well?
yes and same firmware
at this point, i'd recommend updating the firmware.  then, we can say we've tried everything.
updated to from to and no data in the Web Site hits
i tracked down a tz170 standard...couldn't believe we still had one on our network...and i've configured it with the settings to collect data.  will wait to see what i turn up.

in the mean time, review the settings between your two sonicwall appliances and note any differences between Log > Categories and Log > Name Resolution.  please post back any differences...
ok...i'm getting data collected for website hits.  perhaps there's a config issue somewhere.
I have a guy onsite now that is replacing the older tz170 with a tz100.
I think it is defective. The one that displays the information had name resolution set to none and the one that does not display the information was set DNS and get information dynamically from dns.
all catergories are checked on both the working and the non-working.
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