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Recover single calender Exchange 2010 with BackupExec 2010

I have BackupExec 2010 running on Server 2008R2 and we are backing up our Exchange Server 2010SP1 every night.

A user deleted his whole calendar (probable wrong sync). I want to recover only that users calendar from Backupexec. Can anyone guide me through how to do this. There's a whole list of folder that i can restore, but i don't know the one i need for. After selecting the good folder, is it really so easy to push the ok button to begin the recovery or must i mount a second mailstore?
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prestage = prestage, which means it will need a space to replicate the mailstore before it restores the mailbox.  This is a poor feature of the later versions of Backup Exec
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i've got a Exhange agent so i can do it directly. But whats the right calender folder to recover?
Go into the user's mailbox and you will see it there.

you should be ab le to browse the user's mailbox when you go to "restore" in backup exewc, in there you will see a single calendar.  
If BE will no longer let you get very granular, i.e. choose the exact items or all calendar items for example and if you want more granularity you may want to utilize a third party product that can crack open an offline copy of the database backup so that you can then browse, search, export or recover exactly what you want
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I used the Exchange agent to restore the data succesfully and on the fly while everyone whas working. But at the end i got this error:

0xe00002f8 one or multiple mail messages could not be opened because of an unknown MAPI error

The solution was to install a hotfix: