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Hp Recovery Manager unrecovarable error

Hi i am running hp recovery manager on a HP Pro 3120 and am using the recovery manager to reinstall win7 32bit i have run all 7 discs it then restart and the WinPe starts up and gets to a process called 'Spawning Factory Post processing Phase' and then i get a installation has ecountered a unrecovarable error please contact Blah Blah Administrator and press enter to shutdown

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated


Yellowbus Team

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Dr. Klahn

Since this is an HP system, and HP (generally) provides reasonable support for their machines, I would suggest calling them and seeing what they say about the problem.  It may be a well-known issue.
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what was the reason for using the recovery manager?   it may give us insight in the problem
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We are required to downgrade the win7 64bit to 32bit OS by our client and they supplied the discs which where sent from the supplier of the HP's as a solution to the problem.

I have 2 identical machines that need this so i will try the other machine to see if the its the discs or the PC's

Having rang HP it apears they have sent us the wrong discs :-/

thanks for your comments