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Calendar Events Disappear from Outlook, but Still Show Up in OWA and iPad

Problem only occurs for users with iPad. Users with iPhone and iPods are not affected.

After they accept the event, it goes into their calendar like it's supposed to. Then about 20 seconds later, it vanishes. Check OWA, iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Blackberry (With BES 5.0) the event is listed.

If they create an event on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod it will not show up in Outlook. Once again, if you go into OWA, it is listed there.

Create an event in OWA, it shows up on all of the devices but not the Outlook profile.

I have been able to narrow it down to OWA and iPad. I have an iPhone set up for my Exchange account and I do not experience any of these issues. If I create an event in OWA, it syncs to my Outlook profile.

Upper management was given iPads for xmas so this has all started in the last few days.

Also, the CEO has a shared calendar with his assistant and she sees all of the events he has created on his iPad, iPhone, or OWA, but he cannot see them on either of his machines with office 03 & 07 installed.

Using Exchange 2003 SP3
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Can you check that there are no filters configured in Outlook for the calendar?
Within the Outlook Calendar view, click on View -> Arrange By -> Current View -> Customise Current View
Ensure that Filter is set to Off

If you list the full list of appointments in the calendar on both the boss and his assistants Outlook, do they both see the same number of entries?
To see the full list, click on View -> Arrange By -> Current View -> By Category
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The events do not show up even in Category View on his computer, but show do on his assistance's.
Filter is also turned off.
If you're running cached exchange mode, it may be worth deleting the OST and letting it rebuild to see if it appears after that.
If it's showing everywhere except the own users Outlook, it sounds like an issue with the OST on the PC/cached exchange mode.
When cached mode is turned off, all the calendar events are listened. When I turn it back on and rebuild the OST, it disappears again. Also, it is only affecting 7 users who all have iPads. The CEO has two laptops next to each other and they both have the same issue.
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Something else that may be of use is the accepted solution on this question:
Everything checked out fine with the integrity check. A reboot didn't solve the problem.
Correction, all broken events created prior to the restart of the server do not show up in Outlook. Since the restart all new events show up in all calendars like they are supposed to.
Never explained what caused the issue or how it can be prevented in the future.