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PDFs attachments seem to be stripped by BES server when delivered to a blackberry

I am a blackberry admin with limited experience. I have a blackberry server running BES 4 and it works fine. We recently merged with another company and they have the same kind of BES server. The users on that server however do not seem to be able to open PDF attachments. I have had the same user email me the same email with the PDF attached and my Blackberry opens the PDF fine, but when emailed to another user on the other BES, which is on a different DOMAIN, the attachment appears to be stripped. I have tested with several different users that have different models of BBs, including the latest TORCH and no attachments seem to be coming through. The OS is WINDOWS 2003 SP2 and we are running BES Is there a setting or policy that strips attachments somewhere on the BES? All input is appreciated.
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There is a policy to disable attachments, but first check the services on the affected BES. Make sure the Blackberry attachment service has started. If it has already, try restarting the service.
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ok I restarted that service and still no PDF attachments...where is the policy?
Open Blackberry Server Configuration
- Select the attachment server tab, then Configuration Option: connector configuration

And see if PDF is mentioned there.

You can removing all of them and put back

and restarting all the services.
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is Attachment Service running?
yes service is running.....I have been thru the suggestions above and several other suggestions, I have found online, and the user still complains that his TORCH is hit and miss on seeing attachments. It is not that they are not viewable, he does not even see that the attachments exist and there is no paper clip symbol on the incoming mail to tell him to look for attachments. I will leave this open for a couple more days, but have just about resolved to the fact that it may be a bug with the TORCH itself or just user error. Unfortunately, I do not have his TORCH to work on and to check local settings on nor do I have a test device, but I will order a TORCH for myself when my contract on the BOLD expires on Jan 18
i suggest you "play" with the torch first. You may just want to keep your BOLD an update it to os6. :)
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I was searching and found the attached solution. The issue seems to be related to the Blackberry Torch only