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Out of Office on Blackberry

We are using Blackberry Express Server and have noticed that changing the Out of Office feature on and off on the handheld has no effect on the Exchange out of office feature. Is there something on the server side I need to enable to make that work?
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You might need to enable the Exchange feature for Out of Office. There is a separate policy on the Exchange server configuration for allowing Out Of Office externally.

You will find this in Exchange Administration and then from memory I think it is in the Properties of the Exchange Site you have configured. Check out the microsoft article for how to configure, this may be causing the blackberry server to ignore your out of office if the Exchange policy says they are not allowed -

Hope this helps
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I'll take a look through the links but I should have mentioned I'm using Exchange 2003, not 2007. I'm not sure these solutions still apply.
The link to Article ID: KB15155 is for Exchange 2007 and BES but I looked at it anyway. The resolution is "Perform an update to BlackBerry Enterprise Server ". I'm already running the latest version of the server software, unfortunately.

The checkbox indicated in MS KB821899 is already checked on my Exchange server. That doesn't appear to be the cause of my issue.

When we were running BES, a user would be able to put the out of office on using their handheld and it would show in Outlook that the Out of Office message was on. Since upgrading to BESx, this has stopped working.
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