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Merging fields into text boxes - Data duplicates

I have a spreadsheet from Excel 2003 and run a mail merge each week with new data using merged fields to place this data into Word 2003.

Due to image resizing issues within Word 2003 I have had to use a text box for some information to be merged into.

The merge displays details of 3 different properties on each page but the text box duplicates the 3 sets of image information on each page incorrectly

We have a similar document that shows details of only 1 property per page and this works fine so I was hoping to work out some code that tells the information which text box to go to.

I have attached 3 files:

1) Excel 2003 Data File
2) Mergedfields Word 2003 Document Template
3) Output File
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Thank you very much!

Worked perfectly