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Will the Exchange 2003 Connector work with a Domino 8 Server and Client

I am using the Exchange 2003 Connector for Lotus Notes, but I have ran into two issues
1) I installed the Notes 8.0.2 client on the Exchange server, but Exchange cannot find the Domino 8.5 server
2) The Domino 8.5 server is giving me an error "No route found to domain xxx"
I have followed the steps for Domino and it appears I have everything setup correctly
Foreign Domain Document
But I manually created the NAB in Domino so I could test mail routing on the local Domino server.  I believe I have everything in the Domino NAB setup correctly.  In the Domain field I entered the correct domain for Exchange, then I simulate sending a mail.  Failure everytime.
So my question is this - Can the Exchange 2003 Connector for Lotus Notes work with Domino 8.5 and the 8.0.2 Lotus Notes client?
Also, is there some task that should be loaded on the domino server that I am missing?

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This question has been classified as abandoned and is being closed as part of the Cleanup Program. See my comment at the end of the question for more details.