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Trying to setup Outlook Access on Verizon Blackberry

I am trying to take a Verizon Blackberry and setup receiving email on it.  I have successfully done this many times before.

I am using SBS 2008 with Exchange.
I have successfully logged into mail via OWA (Outlook Web Access).
I go to the phone and go to: Setup, Email Settings, Add, Other…
I then put the email address and password I want into the fields and hit next.
The phone says: Processing, please wait…
I then get a message saying “! Update Failed”
I have tried this on 2 phones now and get the same error. When I have done this before, the phone usually times out and allows me to put more information in such as the Outlook Web Access host address. Example “ “

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Thanks for your help!!!