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Forget Domain Password

Hi Expert,

I have forget my Domain Controller password and don't have directory service restore mode password.

Is their any method to recover Domain administrator password.

Kind Regards,
Ravi Pratap
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Take a look at lostpassword. I have had luck using this with windows 2003. I have not tested on 2008.
Are there aother administrators you can get to log in and reset it?   What about a service account that was created and may have local rights?
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For more info:

Tushar Kaskhedikar
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Ravi Singh


Is their any freeware tool or crack version tool to recover drirectory service restore mode

Kind Regards,
Ravi Pratap
Have you check with restore directory services.

Try with this.
not working any tool to recover local administrator password fo domain controller 2003
Do you have physical, console access to your server?  How about remote access?  You can use any Domain Admin account to reset the current password of any other account.  RSAT will let you run ADUC from any PC on your domain (assuming correct permissions).

Do you have ANY user accounts that can log into the server?  Admin or not?  Perhaps it is time to copy all the data off and reinstall?  Not sure how complex your domain is, but you could end up spending days on this when you could have the box back up in less than half a day and just recreate accounts and restore data.
Is their any tool to recover directory service mode on server 2003 enterprise edition(Domain Controller)

Hardware configuration of my server is :- IBM X-346

I also tried Spotmue through petri link but shows the checksum error

If tool is available please provide me ASAP

Kind Regards,
Ravi Pratap

Still were not you success? I have given tricks at there to find those tools.I can't reveal it's name here, because there are another cracked software in that CD.I can provide it you in another way
Dear Advisor,

This server is our client DC(located in our site but operated from Australia) but now they handover me complete network and I already install another DC to perform various task to resolve user query.

In that DC their are various Citrix urls entries in DNS forwading to access Citrix web page via our primary and DR router.

And Don't want to be make Our network more complex.

That is why I want to crack  this standalone DC administrator password.

And this is an authorised activity by getting an approval from our higher management.

KInd Regards,
Ravi Pratap
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If you have another machine running as a DC, you should be able to use it to change any password on the domain.  Am I misunderstanding your situation?

Dear Genius,

This DC is currently standlone server and out of the network.

In place of standalone DC I have configured new DC in same IP segment.

The stand alone DC was managed from some other site mentioned above.

Now I have to see some entries regarding the DNS forwarding in stand alone server.

I hope you understand the misunderstanding situation.

Waiting for your quick response.

Kind Regards,
Ravi Pratap
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Justin Owens
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Hello Genius,

Now I am able to access directory service restore mode

And going to recover domain admin password via Resource Kit: SRVANY and INSTSRV

Upadate you shortly

Kind Regards,
Ravi Pratap
Thanks for your solution I am able to login directory service restore mode.

Thanks for your support

Kind Regards,
Ravi Pratap