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What is the best solution for dealing with large archive files in Outlook in a 300+ user organization?

I am looking at moving away from using the Outlook archive feature in our organization and I would like to know what other solutions are are out there for mailbox and archive backup and management. Thanks!
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Thanks. That's one I've been looking at, I was just wondering about other folk's experience with it.
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I run a similar sized network and I set up the users archive in their home folder/user folder on the server. I only do this for desktop users, traveling users still store the archive folder on the laptop so they can have access to it. This requires a backup system for the laptops, to insure against total data loss. With these methods in place all the archives get backed up and the users all have access to their archive files. I have found at times that Outlook does not like the network located archive file and complains that it cannot access it, if this happens I simply restart Outlook and all is well.

This is not the ideal solution but short of purchasing a third party database management product designed for the enterprise it works quite well.
I agree with ClintSwiney, we generally leave the archive files on the users PCs and ensure they're backed up using one of a number of backup solutions (e.g. Mozy). If the person determines that they aren't likely to need access to the files on a regular basis, then we move them to a users personal network drive to preserve them there instead.