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Access 2007 Datasheet Column Label Dropdown Menu missing data

I have a database that was originally created in access 2003 which is now being used in 2007.  The user opens up a datasheet form and has use of the column heading dropdown menu, which allows them to sort, filter, etc...  The problem is that only some of the columns have filter items available to them.  Also, one of the columns had the list of filtered items available yesterday, but not today.  Any ideas why this only works for some columns and not all?  
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Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )
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Once the dropdowns are gone, can you make them reappear? For example, does closing/reopening the database cause them to show back up?
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It's not that the dropdowns are gone.  Some columns only have sorting ability.  The filter items list is gone.
But not all columns on the SAME form?

If the dropdowns are gone from a single form (but not others) then you may have set a property that could cause this.

If the dropdowns are gone sporadically from different forms, then my best guess would be a corrupt database, or perhaps a problem with the installation of Access/Office.
"The filter items list is gone."
Are you specifically referring to the Filter For on the right click menu ?

Yes MX...  That's correct.

The Dropdowns are NOT gone...  It's the list of filter items (aka Filter For List) on the column right click menu.

Some columns in the datasheet have only the sorting part of the dropdown menu.

See attached images:
 User generated imageDropdownMissingFilterList.bmp
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Former Microsoft Access MVP)
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Does anyone have anything more on this than it just being a known MS bug?
No real solution to this issue because it's just a MS Bug...