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WP7 not recognized by computer

When I plug my WP7 into my home computer (32 bit Win 7) it works great, but when I plug it into my work computer (64 bit Win 7) it does not recognize the phone and the zune player will not show it.  It does charge the phone.  I have tried different usb ports and Microsoft's software to figure it out.

any thoughts?
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i gonna ask a dump question

have you install Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 Driver for Windows Vista (64-bit)  on your work computer?
i apologize for my previous post in 34478229

windows mobile 7 use zune only. so i assume you have install Zune software?

if this is the case, i probably think that I am out of idea..

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yea, Zune player is on there, thanks for the try... I don't get it at all.  I am pretty sure the phone can be used by more that one computer.

one thing i will make sure it is on the latest version and it just release another version last month.

Current version: 4.7.01

Since this is a work computer, have you confirmed that your USB ports aren't locked down or require some Encryption on any hard drives being plugged into it?  In other words, have you talked to your IT Dept?
mtz, I will check on it, but I am sure that it is open, I have Admin rights, but thanks.
Also found this at MS.

I would be interested to know if you get ANY kind of message when you plug in the device.
Try looking at Event Viewer to find any behind the scenes messages that you may not be seeing.
I will check out the event viewer, but no messages when I plug it in
well, i tried it and nothing.... the phone makes noise and starts charging, but the Device manager show nothing under portable devices.  I read through the trouble shooting list (which was great, thanks), but it did not help. things I did:
- Rebooted the phone while plugged in
- checked Zune player for updates
- Checked for new hardware in Device Manager.

I will check with the IT department to see if it is locked down in some crazy way.
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actually it is a different usb... I will try a different one
i feel like an moron, you were right, it was the cable
that's weird, but glad it's working for you!
yea, thanks again