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Windows 7 cant ping printer

I have a windows 7 32bit computer that cant ping an HP printer.  The computer right next to it
 can ping the printer.  I have changed port both computers are pluged into, still no ping.  I can ping
everything else except the one printer I want.  What gives?
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Can you ping the loop back?   Ping

Triple check the your IP, mas, and Gateway.  

Use the cable from the other PC to eliminate the physical.
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I can ping and everything else I try but not THIS printer.  Printer is used by several other computers both XP and Win7 with no problems, just this one machine.
I have seen this happen before... I have fixed it by changing the IP of the printer.
I have changed the IP of both printer and computer (DHCP to Static) with no luck.  This computer has printed to this printer sucessfully before, but just stopped comunicating with it last week.  I am able to access the printer web interface with another computer and have verified the IP address, Subnet mask and Gateway, all looks good.
Just beating a few loose thoughts here...

Kill the firewall on the PC during troubleshooting.

When you changed from DHCP to STATIC on the printer, you used a different IP address than DHCP assigned?  If not, try .249 or something way out of range.

To eliminate everything physical, can you use a crossover and direct connect the printer and PC?   Ping?

Maybe reinstall the IP stack on the PC?   Or maybe just refresh.

When I placed the static addresses on the machines I placed them outside my DHCP address range.  I have also turned off the firewall on the PC.  Not sure how to reinstall the ip stack or do a refresh, help in that area would be appreciated.
Resets the TCP/IP stack:
netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
Then reboot
If you are unable to direct connect the printer to the PC with a crossover, could you either reset the switch in between the two or even put a temp replacement just to make sure nothing is causig it there?
I have tried pluging both into a diffrent switch in the closet but that did not help at the time.  However today the computer and printer have declared a truce and decided to talk again.  I did not touch eighter machine yesterday.  Is there some function within Win 7 that could block a specific IP address besides the firewall?
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