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Norton Anti Virus question

I am running Symantec Anti Virus Corporate. I am not getting new Virus definitions to my NAV server and my clients are out of date. I try to force a definition update but its still the old one in December. Is there a log file to see if a new Symantec contract needs to be purchased? I need to buy new licensing for it? Thanks
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Alan Hardisty
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You should be able to log in to the Symantec Console and see the state of your license there.

Failing that, check for .slf files on your server and open them with notepad.  These are the Symantec license files and you should see the expiry date within tnem.

What version of SAV are you running?
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I am running version 10
Okay - have you checked the console or found the .slf files?
I looked everywhere on the console and  could not find licensing information. I also did a search for a .slf file and found nothing.
Okay - please open up SAV on a computer, expand the options on the left and see if License is listed.  If not, you are using a corporate version and don't require .slf files.
I am using a corporate version and no it does not have licensing in the console.
Okay - so unless Symantec have pulled virus defs for SAV 10, which will happen at some time, then you may just need to visit:

Download the lateat definitions on the server and then that should then get them pushed to the clients.

You should have the SAV console on the server to manage what is going on though.  Was this not installed?
I have the SAV console but if I look at the console it shows a old version. I try to run Update Now and it still does not give me a new definition file. I assumed it was because I need to purchase a new license and was trying to find out when mine expired. I inherited this server from someone else.

That link you sent me, I am still not sure I know which one to run. Do I just run the "Symantec Antivirus corporate edition client installion (32bit)"? Thanks
Download the second .exe in the list with the filename of 20110104-002-i32.exe

Then when downloaded, run the file, it should update the definitions.  Sometimes it gets hung up and a manual download starts things off again.
Thanks alanhardisty for your help but it still shows the old Virus definition. Any other suggestions?
It may take a few minutes for the definitions to update.

Did it say it had found a product an was updating the definitions?

If so - close SAV down again and leave it for a few minutes, then open it up again and check again.
Ah - it pays to read the small print.  Please re-visit the link and download the vd344802.xdb file from the server, then refer to the Copying an .XDB file section in the following link:
Yea it said that "A Symantec product containing virus production was found and was updates..." I will wait awhile and see if it works. I will let you know if it does.
I downloaded the vd344802.xdb file and copied it to the c:\program files\SAV  and it still shows the old definition. So you would not think its a licensing problem? Does a corporate version not run out of licensing years?
Corporate version do not use licenses for the software to be happy - you just need Paper licenses to be compliant.

But - SAV 10.0 is getting a little close to being pensioned off, so I would consider an update / upgrade to SEP (Symantec Endpoint Protection) or an alternative product (everyone slates Symantec for being too resource hungry).

Have you run LiveUpdate on the server?  Any errors?
Yes I ran it with no errors. It said it found Norton and updated it but to no effect. I checked the event viewer and saw no Symantec errors. Is there somewhere else I should look? Is there a log file somewhere?
There should be log files - I just need to remember where.  Back in a jiffy.
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Alan Hardisty
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I read through it and still no go.