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Can Oracle script (SQL) file issue an EXIT?

Good Day, Experts -

Is there a way for a .SQL file being run in SQL Plus to exit? Here is what I have to accomplish...

UPGRADE.SQL contains the following:

    IF MyPKG.IsUpdateAllowed( ) = FALSE THEN
        EXIT; -- I want to stop the remainder of the script from firing
    END IF;
.... the rest of my DML appears here in the script... I don't want this to fire if the previous PKG procedure returned FALSE.

Is there a way to do this?

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I failed to mention (clearly) that UPGRADE.SQL is run via SQLPlus.
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Sean Stuber

sqlplus itself can't do conditionals but your dml could be executed within pl/sql blocks  where you can wrap them in if/else conditions.
I had tried that and it works for DML, but, my scripts sometime contain DDL, too. I would need to make all of that dynamic, right? I believe that's the only way to block DDL.
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This worked beautifully. Thanks.
No problem.  Glad to help.