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Convert oracle database to MSSQL database


I have an Oracle database and I need to conniver it to MMSQL database.

Any suggested software or techniques to active this goal???

Thank you
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

Looks like MSoft provides an assistant for this:
You cannot convert the database from Oracle to MSSQL as such, hope you are aware.

There are tools in market which help you to convert Oracle objects to MSSQL objects and migrate data from one db to other db (that includes heterogenous sources)

one of them is swisssql


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Than u for quick reply ...

Do you have another software rather than SSMA?
As ajexpert mentioned there are a few.  I've only ever been around SSMA and never personally used it.  Google around.   I'm sure you'll find many.

Are you just migrating data or will you need to port/convert stored procedures/constraints/???

I need to migrate all database objects.

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No on gave me solution