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How do I make an always on virtual server from two windows 2003 servers?

Hi, I don't know if this is only possible in my dreams but I'll ask anyway. I have a small site with one 2003 server that's running on a fast desktop PC. The Specs are a 2.8ghz Core 2 Duo with 2gb ram. I want to put a second system at the site and create, I'll say a "always available virtual system" that's "hosted" by the two servers.

So if one system fails the site is not affected and I just have to setup a replacement for the failed machine.


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If yours physical computer will be down. Then its affect on your virtual machine.
Because virtual machine is totally depend upon hardware. Its cause down your site which is virually host.


Tushar Kaskhedikar  
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Hi Tushar,

That's if if I have one computer, but I will have 2 servers that I want to virtualize as 1. That way if one fails the other is still up.

To do what's closest to what you are talking about, having 2 systems running in sync with each other you need everRun software from Marathon Technologies. Pricing seems to have been around $2000 per server in 2008. Since you're running on a desktop and not server class hardware, I am guessing that $4000 isn't exactly what you are planning on spending.

What's running on your 2003 server? If you are doing standard file/print/active directory stuff, Windows 2003 R2 handles that pretty well. Active directory is fault tolerant, and you can use DFS replication and namespaces to keep all files up to date on multiple servers. Files only replicate after they've been closed, but it's a really good solution that only costs you a license of 2003 R2 or better and hardware to run it on.

Other even more expensive options would be Double-Take software.
On the server the users do an RDP session and run a point of sale program, so I really need to have a way that if a server fails there is no loss of connection and downtime.  I actually was in contact with marathon a few weeks ago but they require real servers and the licensing is 15k ...Ouch!
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