When opening excel 2007 "unable to read file" and secondary "excel cannot open the file '~$nvexcel.xlam' because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been..."

"unable to read file" and secondary "excel cannot open the file '~$nvexcel.xlam' because the file format or file extension is not valid.  Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file."
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well, did you do what Excel asked you to ? if so, what happened?
Where and how was the file created?

Is this a file of your own, or Excel is automatically trying to do this every single time it's opened regardless of any action from you ?

Please provide a bit more useful information so that we all can try to help you! :)

solaradminAuthor Commented:
solaradminAuthor Commented:
Thanks...here's more info:
Upon opening Excel (opening an already created spreadsheet or just opening the application), if I click through the two OK's, then excel opens up fine into a new blank workbook.
Happens every time whether opening excel on its own or any excel file
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so you'll have to go to the addins list and disable the addin which can be causing this error.
to do so:
1) click office button
2) Select Excel Options
3) On the left pane, click Add-Ins
4) You'll see a list of add-ins, try to identify which addin is the one mentioned in the error message
5) You can also select "Manage Excel Add-Ins" and click Go, to see the standard add-ins (XLA and XLAM)...
6) in any case (4 or 5) make sure you disable the one causing the issue.

This might solve the issue. But you will have to find the add-in somewhere, or reinstall it, if you really need its functionality.

solaradminAuthor Commented:
No dice, there are no active excel addins and nothing specific to excel is active in the first screen...
can you then post a screenshot of the previous screen, please ?
Let's look at it together ! :-)
Also, if possible, share with us a screen shot of your VBEditor...
To do so, just press Alt+F11 then Ctrl+R ... i wanna see which other files are automatically opened by Excel...
solaradminAuthor Commented:
solaradminAuthor Commented:
in the first image, there's 4 active addins, COM Add-ins..
can you please try to disable one by one, and then close and reopen Excel ?

also, in the VBE screentshot, you can clearly see that Excel did try to open a file called NeeviaExcelMacro.xlam, try to find this file on the computer and figure out why it's there.

It's probably inside a folder called XLSTART, or Addins... using the powerful search engine by MS, from Windows, you'll find it, I'm sure.

Once you do, please put it here on EE, maybe I can take a look and figure out what the problem is with it.

Nice, we're getting somewhere !

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solaradminAuthor Commented:
I removed the neevia program entirely and excel opens fine, the neevia program did put a file in the xlstart folder that excel was trying to open.
this is great, so it means the problem is fixed.

Next steps, if you want that program, get a most latest updated version of that, and install again, and see what happens. At least now you know what to do and where to go if this happens again!

Have a great weekend ! :-)
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