Outlook 2007 crashing multiple times a day

Matthew Cioffi
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I have a user that has been having issues with Outlook crashing.  It was happening multiple times an hour until we we fixed a secondary POP email address that was failing to send properly.  But it is still happening a couple of times a day at least.  Seems to be 4 or 5 typically per day.  

The user is of course the owner of the company so I would like to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.  I have checked the hard drive for errors, checked for viruses and such and everything seems fine.  There are no needed windows or office updates.

It is windows XP SP3

Event Type:        Error
Event Source:    Microsoft Office 12 Sessions
Event Category:                None
Event ID:              7001
Date:                     2/4/2011
Time:                    4:57:08 PM
User:                     N/A
Computer:          THEPRESDT
ID: 6, Application Name: Microsoft Office Outlook, Application Version: 12.0.6550.5003, Microsoft Office Version: 12.0.6425.1000. This session lasted 1312 seconds with 300 seconds of active time.  This session ended with a crash.
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If this is a "werid problem" or mind-bending problem and you can't find a solution:

Try these, they often help me:
Export all Outlook content to a pst file just in case.

Log on to the users computer as administrator. Rename his profile in \Users\ to "hisname.000". Now logon with the user again. He will now get a new profile generated. Copy his desktop items, My Documents content and Favourites from his old profile to the new one. Set up his Outlook details again, if needed, import the PST data.

Se if this helps.

If not, uninstall Office 2007. Do the same procedure above. Reinstall Office 2007. Log on the user again, copy the data as mentioned above.

VERY often, nasty Office problems are related to corruptions in the users registry which happens to be a part of his profile (NTUSER.DAT located in the root of his folders).

Good luck!!! :)
do you have multiple email accounts ? i have 2 pop3 and a exchnage ac configured on my outlook and i realised when the connection is congested or if the outlook is too mbusy recieving maisl to diff accounts it crashes.
Matthew CioffiSenior DBA


Thanks for the suggestions, I will think about the profile change.

There is 1 POP account and 1 exchange account.  Originally it crashed about every 10 minutes or so, I found that the POP account was not configured correctly and a large email was failing and possibly causing the crashes.  We fixed the POP account it slowed down, but Outlook still crashes.
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why not you try with the exchnage account only ? remove the pop3 for now and lets see if it crashes
Matthew CioffiSenior DBA


Removing the account is a possibility, but I cannot remove it without permission.  But I will explore that option as well.
yeah try that and update on the outcome.
Did you check what add-ons got installed to Outlook?  Normally I would say to start Outlook in its safe mode ("outlook.exe /safe") except I don't know if the Exchange add-ons are really needed to access Exchange accounts.  If safe mode isn't doable (because Exchange access is lost) then disable all the other add-ons and exit and reload Outlook to retest.  This even includes whatever anti-virus software you pushed or sysprepped onto the user's host.  Disable that, too (but you might want to check his mailbox just to be sure no nasties are sitting in there).  Get rid of all add-ons that aren't absolutely required to test if the crashing continues.
RaneeshIT Support

do you have any antivirus (email scanner) scan installed ? could you please disable it and give a try...
RaneeshIT Support
also try to start as mentioned below

Click on start
Click on run
Type outlook /cleanviews in the run command and click ok.
Start outlook.
Matthew CioffiSenior DBA


Sorry I have not been able to try any of these solutions yet, the owner has asked me not to do anything just yet.  As soon as I can try these out I will get back to the question.
ok if none of those above works try to remove Office Patch KB2412171 and see if that makes a difference another user with same problem just did that and seem to work.
Matthew CioffiSenior DBA


Ok, so I did several things.

Removed the secondary POP account and that did not help.
Increased the RAM from 1GB to 4GB.
Defragged the disk
scanned for Malware - None
scanned for viruses - None
checked for known KB's - None
Chenged the profile around and recreated it
Ran a couple of sessions of Passmark Burn in test.

Everything is fine with all that.  Come next week we will know a if anything helped.

None of what you did addresses the add-ons to Outlook as candidates for the cause of the problem.  So when you look, what add-ons are installed?  Alas, some COM plug-ins may not be listed but will affect Outlook hence why you need to test in Outlook's safe mode (which does not load any add-ons or use any COM plug-ins).  Just disabling all add-ons that are listed and reloading Outlook in its safe mode will still have the unlisted COM plug-ins (that you couldn't see to disable) still get used with Outlook.
reinstall microsoft office and see if it is still happening
"Just disabling all add-ons that are listed and reloading Outlook in its safe mode will still have the unlisted COM plug-ins (that you couldn't see to disable) still get used with Outlook."

That should've been "reloading Outlook in its normal mode".  Some folks disable add-ons and then load Outlook in its normal mode figuring all the add-ons are disabled; however, you cannot disable use of the COM plug-ins that are not listed which would be active in normal mode.  

Although I wouldn't go with ajaykerala's suggestion of doing a whole new install, you could try using Help -> Repair.  You'll need to have the Office install CD available since it may be requested.
Matthew CioffiSenior DBA


So far nothing has helped long term.  We get some relief for a couple of days then crashing starts again.

There must be something else interferring.

Please close this as it is going to take a long time to resolve I think.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I'm will to split points between all the folks thar offered suggestions.

Matthew CioffiSenior DBA


I think this can be closed, but I'mnot sure how to award points if any.  I did not do much and the problem is pretty much subsided.  The user is moving to a new PC soon and a version of office so I would guess it will be totally gone then.
You never mentioned trying to run Outlook in its safe mode.  Why I don't know.  "Nothing worked" doesn't really state that you specifically tried Outlook's safe mode.  Since the problem occurs within a very short time, like 10 minutes or multiple times per hour, testing would be short-lived to determine if add-ons or COM plug-ins were the cause.  That eliminates testing over days where, for example, your domain might be pushing out an anti-virus client that get reinstated into Outlook and starts up the problem again.  During testing, you need to make sure your domain isn't pushing software onto the problematic host to undo your test setup.
I'm surprised that a thread with no posts in 10 months didn't get closed as abandoned either automatically (scripted) or by the admins/mods.

If you feel that none of the suggestions that were applicable did any help then don't award points.  That presumes that you actually tried the presumed suggestions.  If you feel that points should be awarded but none actually solved your problem then just split them evenly amongst all responders.

Just remember that the problem, even with a new computer and new OS and new apps, could still arise because the environment is still the same: still the same user and still the same domain that's possibly pushing apps or providing their own sysprep image rather than a default and clean install of the OS.  If the problem is there are holes in the walls from someone you gave a handgun and ammo, giving them a new handgun doesn't address the real problem.
Matthew CioffiSenior DBA


I like your handgun analogy, Vanguard_LH.  It is more spot on then you could possibly imagine.  

But, yes I tried Safe-mode and pretty much most of the suggestions, I could not do a uninstall and re-install as the user (owner of the company) said not to.  He did not want me to do it, so I did not.

The issue seemed to stop after sometime on it's own.  I had done most of the suggestions here and still I did not see much change.  So i will cancel this and award some points for everyone that tried to help.

Thanks everyone.

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