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How to reset JsessionID at login for a coldfusion application?

Using CF 6.1, I have JSessionID as the session ID. I need to reset the session ID after user logs in and when the user logs out.  

Currently JSessionID is set upon user connection to the website and is only destroyed when the user closes the browser.  I need to be able to modify the value on log in and log out.
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you can kill a session using

<cfset structclear(session)>

however I don't believe it's possible to -not- set a jsessionid on first connect. You could kill the existing session and create a new one on log in r. Not sure why you'd need to however.

If the problem is that you used the session ID as the identifier for your user's shopping art of something, I would change that instead.  

You can create a unique identifier using the session ID and some other values like the time or IP address

<cfset uniqueNUmber = hash(session.sessionID & IPaddress & timeFormat(now(),"miss")>

You should tell us what problem you're trying to resolve to address it directly.  I am not sure if you can continue using the session after your destroy the session ID or that you're guaranteed you'd get a different value
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Thank you for the suggestions.  Here is a more detailed description of the problem:

Currently when a user visits the homepage of the site they are assigned a cookie with a JessionID. If the user goes on to login to a secure portion of the website they keep the same JsessionID after a successful login.

 We have had a recommendation to do one of the following to make the application more secure:

1. Do not set a JsessionID until after the user logs in.
2. Change the JsessionID after the user logs in.

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agree 100% with gd - if you different functionality roll your own session. I use <cfset session.uid = createuuid()>

doing anything may result in unexpected results.
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Thanks for the help. It sounds like creating your own session identifier is the preferred method.