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Jquery Image Rotation is SLOW!!!!!

I had a theme created for a website.  Initially, the developers had had used a direct PHP image rotation using JQuery.  We noticed that the images seemed to "flash" before the pages load.  What it actually happening is that the page is displaying  images in a list <li>  before the page applies the CSS.  So they decided to use a plugin called WP-Cycle.  The problem still exists.  Certain pages are worse than others, so the "flashing" is inconsistent throughout the site.

The "flashing" issue appears to be worse in certain browser than others.

I can't seem to figure out the cause, so I am offering 500 points to the person who can help me solve this (or come up with an alternate solution.

Here is the base URL.  Try clicking on the news page to see the flashing:


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hard code style="display: none;" into the ul tag. Then use jquery's document ready function to make it visible when the page has completed loading.

something like

<ul style="display: none;" id="picturesList">
... (your pictures are listed here)

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function ()
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I agree with jrm213jrm213, with 2 observations:
1. instead of doing

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, you should do

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.show() will sometimes mess up the layout.
2. inside the ready() function you should check when the first image is loaded and then show them, otherwise the flicker will appear as long as the images are loaded. Check jQuery .load() function

Other than that, for me the flash was quite brief (firefox), barely noticeable.
also, are your images optimized for the web? Are you using really big images too much dpi (150,300) when you could be using 72dpi images instead? If they images are really big you will have to wait for them to download to the machine. Also, jquery being a javascript library will function better on better computers since javascript runs on the client machine. Older computer's do not always do javascript real well.
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The images are very tiny.  I can't get that JavaScript you provided to display the hidden images.

I now reproduced this on both Linux and Windows machines.  Some browsers worse than others.  What is interesting is that if I take the rendered page and post it as a strict HTML page, the flashing does not happen.


Could get the suggested CSS to affect it.
Could get the suggested CSS to affect it.

The CSS that may fix it is in my previous post.

Add this:
#slider {
#slider img {

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Your jquery file have a function  which contain time for slide show

var $dec = jQuery.noConflict();
$dec(document).ready(function() {
fx: 'fade',
 timeout: 6000,
 delay: -5000

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Try changing timeout and delay

You were correct...  I must have used a capital or something, because I know see it works!  Absolutely awesome.  Thank you.

You are welcome.