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Windows XP & 7 Outlook (2007) Email attachments - opening in applications

How can i drag an attachment (as if it were already a windows filesystem file) and drop into an application for opening from an Outlook message.
Currently i have to use some waystation to launder it to get a file handle and then drag that into an application.
Currently I have to SAVE-AS the file first:  For instance, dragging to desktop or filing someplace and then going thru the motions to SAVE AS again, but when the dialog Choose File comes up, click on the now-visible  same file that i just put there and then drag that file handle into the application to open it.

This seems like a simple thing for Outlook and/or Windows to do behind the scenes to make a file "available" via a convenient dragging operation.

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Neil Russell
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Why not just create a file association and the double click the attachment?
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yes that would normally work fine.
However, for the cases that i have as a graphic designer, i may want to open PDFs in Photoshop (in order to convert)  or a zip file in stuffit, etc.

An alternative would be to find out how to add to the right click context menu to include OpenWith for choices - that would cover 90% of the situations...

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David Lee
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a great approach, thanks!
You're welcome.  Glad I could help.