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SharePoint incoming email only creates empty folder

Have the following config:
This text is someone elses but describes our problem to a tee:


Exchange 2007
Windows 2008 SP2
MOSS 2007 SP2(2 WFEs, 1 Index and 1 CA)

Recently we upgraded a lot of systems and transferred most of our MOSS implementation to 64bit from a 32bit environment. Our old CA server hosted the SMTP services and was a 2003 server.

Now, whenever we try to take SMTP from the 2003 server, set everything up so that the new 2008 64bit CA server is the SMTP server, we see the mail hit the drop folder, see it leave and then an empty folder with the name of whoever sent the email gets created in the document library. Have looked at the .eml files in the drop folder and they do contain data and, if for example we send a 6mb attachment, the size is proportionate to what we have sent. Everything related to mail but incoming email works properly in this configuration. User can get created and added to mossmail ou, outgoing mail works, workflows that send emails/alerts work, etc...

Swapping all the entries back so that the 32bit CA server takes the role back over makes everything work again...


I also want to add to the above that no errors are noted in SMTP logs, Verbose mode Sharepoint logs or any of the system logs...

My colleague has been working on the above issue and currently has a support ticket with MS open but four different PFEs later they are still no closer to a resolution and I dread the "rebuild" reply that I just know is coming...

Lemme know if any more info is needed
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This looks like an Anti virus application stripping the attachment.

Make sure your local Security software ( whatever it is Mcaffee specifically ) is not scanning this folder.

Best of Luck.
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Thanks George

All antivirus turned off and disabled.  Also turned off any IPv6 settings and disabled on the NIC.
One test

can you create a single text only mail no attachments.

and track those fields.

[1] From
[2] To
[3] Subject
[4] Body

see where that goes on the Doc Lib.

Also see if they go to a discussion list .


Nothing gets into any library or list.  Shows up in the drop folder and is gone a few seconds later.  Looking in the library it is intended for shows an empty folder with the senders name and that's it.  Doing a search of SPS doesn't return any results for that email so it doesn't look like it is going anywhere else either.  It's like the other sock that you can never find.. It gets swallowed by The Void :)
does that folder update date is the same to or close to the email event ?

If that is the case,

can you check if that Incoming email configuration has the correct server name on it .
If it is not bound by server name ( you have an OU in AD ) ,check if there is any Server specific for the destination.

also If the  account running the timer service has access to that library

also can you logon to that specific server with that particular account and see the windows\Temp folder as well as the Temp folder(s) for that profile to make sure the account has right to reconstruct the mail item.
It does update time.  Incoming def has the correct server name AND drop folder (hence we see them in the drop folder).

By logging in to that server you mean using the timer service account?  Not sure if that service has the ability to log on locally but I can do a run as in explorer and see if it can access the folder.  Just to clarify, permissions only needed on the CA server or do I need to check all the WFEs as well?
only on the CA server or wherever the Incoming mail service is running.
The account in question has full control of the temp and drop folders.
another test
Can you disable incoming email on that library and see if you will be an error , when you send an email ?

I'll check that as well.  Been troubleshooting with MS so haven't had a chance to check your suggestions yet but will give it a shot this evening or tomorrow if MS and I don't get done at a reasonable time...

Thanks for all the thoughts thus far.
The timer service account has admin rights on the box so it does have access to the temp folder and can create and delete files and folders (manually did so logged in as that account) in its own temp, as well as the windows temp, folder
K, ran the test in between the tests with them and I received an undeliverable when I disabled the doc lib
wait.. last test was run with the "working incoming email configuration".  Did you want me to test in the configuration where the email gets delivered to the drop folder but not to the library (so the broken one)?
I went ahead and tested again with the configuration that doesnt work and received the same kick back email
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k.  Thanks for your assistance thus far.
Thanks.  Even though I didn't get it resolved I appreciate your efforts.