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Share Calendar Issues

I have a user in my organization that is complaing that some users are unable to see her calendar.  She wants her peers and managers to see the free/busy (AvailabilityOnly) schedule.  Below is an example of how this has become an issue.

UserA wants to her share calendar.  UserA adds UserB to share permissions window within Outlook as "Free/Busy."  UserB cannot see any information on UserA calendar.  UserA changes share permissions to Reviewer.  UserB can see UserA calendar, but it now shows full details.  UserA changes permissions to show Free/Busy again.  UserB cannot see anything on calendar.

To makes things more strange, UserC, UserD, UserE...UserN have Free/Busy permissions on UserA calendar.  Each can see UserA calendar just fine.

I have seen a lot of forums and posts on calendar sharing, but I have not seen anything that would give a clear cut answer to the problem we are facing.  Any help would be appreicated.

Environment: WinServer 2008 R2, MS Exchange 2010, Outlook 2010
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Well reason would suggest that User B's setup differs from user c,d & e in some way that is preventing that user from seeing it.

I would compare the settings and add-ins and see if there were any differences. I would also re-ad the calender on user B while the permissions are intact.
You may also want to make sure your client and server are both updated.

Make sure the time is set to sync with internet time on User B.

And check this post out:
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I did try removing the calendar from UserB and adding back in with current permissions.  I attempted to remove cal, change permissions, add cal.  I also attempted to change sharing permissions in powershell.  No luck.  When I lookup sharing permissions for UserA in powershell it shows that all Users (B-N) have same permissions.  But that is not reflected in Outlook.

I believe it is related to Outlook as OWA acts different.
This sounds like a client issue. I ahve seen this before, where all Outlook 2010 clients can see free/busy, but Outlook 2007 cannot. Please can you confirm what Outlook version Client B is using, and what client C-N are using? Thanks
If the clients are the same version, is Outlook in cached mode?
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I asked UserB to schedule some time around his schedule where I can remote into his pc and take a look at time and other settings.  Hopefully all advice will pay off.

As far as UsersC-N, about 1/2 use Outlook 2010 and 1/2 Outlook 2007.  UserB is using Outlook 2007 (correction from above when I said 2010).  
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Update on steps we have taken:

The user who is sharing the calendar (User A) is running Outlook 2010. She has the user trying to review it (User B) set with Read rights to her Free/Busy.

User B gets a permission denied error when trying to view her in Outlook 2007. When User B tries to read it in Outlook 2010, it just displays connection error at the top of the calendar and shows no information. He can however see the information correctly in OWA.

I set up his account again on a freshly reformatted laptop with Outlook 2007 and a separate laptop with Outlook 2010 and yielded the same results.

In my account, on OWA, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, I can view User A's information correctly with the exact same permission levels as User B. Other users can see her information correctly as well.
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I also tried starting Outlook with the /cleanfreebusy on all computers.