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Editing a route on Cisco ASA 5510

I ahve a Cisco ASA 5510 that i can not access the gui anymore but need to change a route I setup.

here is what the "show running-configuration" command gave me (edited for our privacy):

static (inside,outside) netmask

Now my question is what is my command to edit this (see below) after I am in the Configure Terminal (ASA5510(Config#) mode?

I would like the end config to read:

static (inside,outside) netmask
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Now also there is an access-list that would have been applied to the outside interface.  That will now need to change as well to point to the new address if this is ASA is running less than 8.3 code.
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ok i only see one more spot in the show running-configuration that the shows up,

service-policy global_policy global
service (=service i do not want named here)
  enable outside
  default-group-policy DfltGrpPolicy
prompt hostname context

so what do I do with that?
conf t
service (whatever this is)
I am on ASA version 8.0(4)

is all of this information still correct?
so there should be an access-list that points to that corresponded with that static ip address.
is there a newer version of ASDM that will work with my Firewall? I can not seem to get to the Cisco downloads page and with Java 6 Update 7 i can not get to the GUI, ASDM launched then stalls out at "Software update completed"

Maybe you can attach your msi here? Or do you know a good place to download a newer copy?
I would jump on a different computer and download it there.  I don't have the bandwidth where I am to upload anything.  But in general you will want to use the latest version of ASDM that will support the 8.0(4) code in order to keep up with the java updates..