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SBS2008 Setup Exchange 2007 and SQL2008

I read that Exchange and SQL are not good to have on the same server, although with SBS2008 it comes with both of them preinstalled, right?  I could be SQL in a VM on that same server but if its disk IO + RAM issue then that won't help.
Also wondering on the SQL instance thats installed - it doesnt quite look right, I dont see the traditional enterprise manager?
The server has 4 quadcores with hyperthreading so windows sees 16 cores and 24gb of ram...  This is for an organization of about 30 people - nothing too intense.  SQL is used for their CRM, but again nothing crazy busy...
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SBS 2008 Standard only comes with SQL Express ( The free and limited version of SQL) installed.

SBS 2008 Premium comes with Licensing for SQL server, and an additional Windows server license. they intend that you use SQL server on the second Windows server.
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yeah I got premium, so it is meant for another box then eh?
It can be run on the same box, and it sounds like is beefy enough that it would handle it. Many people do virtualize the 2nd windows with sql also.

SBS2003 premium included sql and ran on the same server without issues.
The sql that is installed by default is the SQL Express ( meant for and used by WSUS, Sharepoint, and Sbs monitoring).  You have to purposely installl the SQL workgroup.
Yeah I put the disc in that said SQL and did the install...In programs it now has sql2005 and sql2008, but I still dont see enterprise manager and query analyzer etc?
Anyone have thoughts on this?
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