In RWW the rdp computer list is only available for network administrators

We installed a new SBS 2008 and everything is working fine.
But, we want to give somebody outside of our company access to 1 workstation  to do an software installation. I would make that person a local administrator on the win 7 workstation.
I would like to give him access through rdp. I want to make him a normal user and not a network administrator. The problem is that only as a network administrator the list with available computers is visible.
Is there a way to let a normal user see only the computer he is allowed to use with rdp. In rww?
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Open the Windows SBS console, go to users and groups | users | double click on a user | computers | there you can select a computer, make them a local admin, andd/or give them remote access to a PC
Similar options exist under computers instead of users
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