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I have Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 and I need to modify an existing Adobe Acrobat Document

I thought I did this once before . . . .  but cat remember how.

I have an Adobe Acrobat Form document that was sent to me, one where I can fill the form out on the printer and then print the result using Acrobat reader.

I need to get under the hood of this form and "hard code"  some text into what is now a fillable line on the existing pdf.  Tools--->advance Editing--->Touich up tool does not seem to help.  I tried converting the existing form to word document and that got all messed up.  I just want to say "OK form, let me edit your fields"  

I can take an existing Adobe form and add fallible fields to it and re save it . . . .I'm pretty sure I have done that.  But how do I modify this form that is already fallible.  Am I llosing my mind?  Thanks
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No, just need to check some basics.

Is the form text editable at all, ie can you select the text you want to edit and copy to clipboard?

if the answer is yes and you use the TouchUp text tool, do you get an error message?

The text may be in a font which is protected or not on your system, or if you answered 'no' above it may be a picture in parts. It is also possible that the text is fragmented in individual letters which happens sometimes with non Acrobat PDFs such as Illustrator conversions. this would lead you to only touch up letter by letter.

It is also possible and very likely that the form is protected so you cannot edit it without asking for permission. You can check this by going to File> Properties and looking on the Security tab what is and isn't allowed.

Is there a chance you can upload the file so one can have a closer look?

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try Edit>Preferences>Forms>Auto-Complete options
Auto complete only relates to entering data and the saving of that data locally so that the same fields create a dropdown with suggestions, see:
Captain Reiss:  Thanks for the correction; maybe a script to selectively lock the field in question might work.  See posts #136, #130, and #119 at this link:
OK, I have reread your question and maybe I was barking up the wrong tree. If the protection is not an issue I suspect you cannot change the Form as it is Reader enabled.

If you go File> Save a copy in Acrobat pro the fillable options are removed and the form becomes editable again. Now you can use dropdown boxes, there are 2 types:

List box -  Allows you to specify values, no user specified text allowed
Combo box - Allows you to specify values, user can enter their own Text too

Once done reenable the Reader features from the Advanced menu.

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Sorry it took so long to get back.  Captainreiss, so basically when I save as a copy it wipes out everything that is there. and I need to recreate all the fields. If I have no other option, I'll do this but I just want to modify the form slightly and not have to make it "re-fillable" from scratch.  So this is really my only option?
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I was able to save as and then use distiller on the document to make my changes.  It drives me nuts because I stumbled in based on your e-mail and don't for the life of me know how. I know II have done this one other time and it always seems so awkward.

Open form to be edited. In Acrobat 8 go to Tools---> Forms---->Edit Layout.  You can keep the points but thats not what you told me.