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From Access: How to determine the email address of the CC's in an incoming email in Outllok

I am using Access VBA to import incoming emails from an Outlook 2000 inbox into an Access 2007 database.
I have used redemption to determine the email address of the sender, and this is working fine.
Now I need to determine the email address of any cc's (recipients who were carbon copied on the email).
Can someone help me out with the code needed to do this?
I'm not sure if I need to use Redemption for this like I do for the sender's email address or if I can do it using Outlook. (I can't use CDO)
I've attached the code using Redemption to get the sender's email, but I don't understand how to alter this to get the cc's.

Function R_GetSenderAddress(objMsg)
  Dim strType
  Dim objSenderAE ' Redemption.AddressEntry
  Dim objSMail    ' Redemption.SafeMailItem
  Const PR_EMAIL = &H39FE001E

  Set objSMail = CreateObject("Redemption.SafeMailItem")
  objSMail.Item = objMsg
  strType = objSMail.Fields(PR_SENDER_ADDRTYPE)
  Set objSenderAE = objSMail.Sender
  If Not objSenderAE Is Nothing Then
    If strType = "SMTP" Then
      R_GetSenderAddress = objSenderAE.Address
    ElseIf strType = "EX" Then
      R_GetSenderAddress = objSenderAE.Fields(PR_EMAIL)
    End If
   End If

   Set objSenderAE = Nothing
   Set objSMail = Nothing
End Function

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I would think you can use objSMail to get them along the lines of:

for each recip in objSMail.recipients
    debug.print recip.address

YOu will need to consider each as SMTP or exchange as for the from but in terms of getting the root data it should be that easy.

JUst ignore me, morning David!

Good morning, Chris!  Well, probably more like afternoon for you.
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thanks! that worked perfectly!
You're welcome.  Happy I could be of service.