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Changing ISP - DNS MX question

I am changing ISP and have some questions as I am getting a bit confused, the domain were registered with LCN, but at the time we have a simple reseller plan hosting 10 domains (purely because its cheaper to have a reseller plan than to have 10 separate hosting plans), so the DNS were pointed to HostGator which works well, then last year a websign company wanted to host one of the website because their hosting server provided some functions that HG didnt have, so we pointed the A record to them, but rather than pointing it from HG, it were pointed to them directly from LCN, but as its all working well, we left it as is.

Now changing ISP, I am wondering if I should just add the MX record from the master registar LCN as there are options to add MX records, or should I change the IP address from the Hostgator's control panel, personally logic tells me its best to do both the A and MX from LCN as its the highest level, or I could add both the old MX as priority 10 and the new MX as 5 on LCN ?

Apology for long post but hosting/web is not really my area, I have attached a diagram hoping to explain more.
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