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nlite builds iso, gives "completed successfully" message, but fails to boot when burnt to CD

Built the iso with nLite from an xpsp2 disc and the sp3 download from microsoft.  The winxpsp2 disc runs a virtual machine in virtualbox without any hiccups.  But the sp3 slipstream onto this xpsp2 disc throws error messages in virtualbox.  With the same settings, just seconds later, in the same virtual machine, with the winxpsp2 disc will run without any problems.  My conclusions: (1.) the winxp2 disc is OK, (2.) the virtual machine and the virtual machine settings are OK, (3.) something is wrong with the nLite setup, (4.) don't know about the sp3 file, didn't do a checksum.

But how to find possible errors in the nLite process when no error messages are given in the integration process, and the process goes smoothly with a final message "integrated install completed successfully"?   Have attached screenshots.  Notice in the last screenshot that the iso produced by nLite is 6,419,990.656bytes.  Is this the right size? User generated image User generated image User generated image User generated image User generated image
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Hashes for SP3 from

# MD5: BB25707C919DD835A9D9706B5725AF58
# SHA1: C81472F7EEEA2ECA421E116CD4C03E2300EBFDE4

Use HashTab to verify the checksums.

If that verifies then try slipstreaming manually.  See

Note.  This is best done on a Windows XP system rather than a Vista or Windows 7 system.
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Thank you for the quick response.  Will try it.   Need to hit the sack for about 6hrs, back to you in about 7hrs, or about that.  Thanks again.

PS:  Sudeep, can you help me with the protocol for the slipstreaming of SP3 onto the winxpsp2 Virtual Machine in VirtualBox.  One or two links, or supporting documents would be fine.

Thank You,
Well I was not referring to slipstream it on Virtaul machine, my point was may be its your hardware which is giving you trouble installing the SP3. So just install the SP2 Os and then install SP3 on it to check if you hardware is fine with it.

Thanks for your input Sudeep.  Will be trying it out.  Weekends I do extra shifts on my other job.  May not be able to finish up till Monday.

Thanks Again,
please cancel my request to close and delete this question.  i would like to give credit to sudeep for a very informative response and award points to him for his efforts.

Thank You,
thanks for information
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