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looping through mysql for php session

I would like to validate new users email address, and the way I thought would be best is store a PHP session_id() in the mysql table users under the new user and then send an email, with a link containing the sessionId to click on: where my problem is, im looping through the result in the users to see if the sessionId already exists, and seems that I put myself in an infinite loop the code I have is below please help
function getSessionId()
		$mySession = session_id();
		$goodSession = false;
			$verifySessionIdQuery = mysql_query("SELECT accountOpeningSessionId FROM accounts WHERE accountOpeningSessionId='" . $mySession . "'") or die(mysql_error());
				$goodSession = false;
				$mySession = session_regenerate_id();					
				$goodSession = true;
		return $mySession;

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Jason C. Levine
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Hi prowebinteractiveinc,

What are you testing for in line 9?
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im checking to see if the new session_id already exists
Okay, try this:

if(mysql_num_rows($verifySessionIdQuery) > 0)
this is not where my problem is....  its the first loop, Im thinking
The while() loop? That looks correct.

What I'm thinking is your if() test as written always evaluates to true and that would send this process into a death spiral.
can the same php_session be created ?

on the other hand the if will only return true if there is a record...
>> on the other hand the if will only return true if there is a record...

I think mysql_num_rows() returns a value of 0, not null.  So even when there is no record, the if() still evaluates to true due to the presence of the integer.

Test it.  It's three keystrokes to prove me right or wrong.
I tried: if(mysql_num_rows($verifySessionIdQuery) > 0) as you suggested, it didnt work !
"while(!$goodSession)" will never exit unless there is a match.  So if there isn't a match in your database, you're stuck right there.  It will repeatedly connect to the database and run the same query.
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