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Designjet 500 error 21:10

I am getting the 21:10 error on our DesignJet 500 which refers to the service station.
I have installed the complete maint kit and am still getting the 21:10 error
Any suggestions?
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Can you get any more info from the error log?  21:xx errors are definately the Service Station as hdhondt has pointed out.
If the printer is out of Warranty you might find the Service Manual helpful :)
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Yep already went through all those links.
Even put the old Trailing cable back into the plotter just to make sure that it wasn't shorting anywhere.
The plotter is out of warranty and i called HP and paid to get assistance. They were of no assistance.
It is possible that I have a bad Service station but highly improbable. I have a service manual and it doesn't offer any additional troubleshooting steps. On the encoder strip the clear plastic strip is on the top side isn't it?
I can't find a good picture to verify but i am 99% sure that is the correct orientation.
Try removing the printheads, restarting and then replacing them when the printer requests.
Does that reset the Service Station error?  21:xx doesn't mean the Service Station is bad it just means it's not behaving as it should.  Anything attached could be a potential suspect.

>>On the encoder strip the clear plastic strip is on the top side isn't it?
I have even tried placing a third new Service station in the system and still get the 21:10 error. I have tried removing the print heads and still get the 21:10 error.
So the issue isn't the service station. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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No problem - I just found a post with a user who had a screw slightly proud which was fouling the service station, not enough for them to see or hear but clearly enough to upset the self-test.
Make sure you accept your own answer as the solution. You'll get your points back.
Posting a closure objection purely so the author's solution @ http:Q_26813636.html#34901000 can be accepted as the solution.
This would be a useful if someone comes to the site with a similar problem.