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I am looking to convert EPS files to SWF files. currently we can accomplish this with flash CS5. what I am looking to do however is have something server based, so an employee can put an EPS or AI file into a folder and have it converted to a SWF and exported to a different folder. The other option is installing software on each machine that needs this capability, but we need to find something cheaper than CS5 to accomplish this. I have been looking at batch operations for CS5, but I'm not sure if I can accomplish what I'm looking to do with that. Thanks in advance for your help!
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Hi agosselinelt, parden my grins but whenever I see a request for this>so an employee can put an EPS or AI file into a folder and have it converted to a SWF and exported to a different folder.<< what do you think a folder can do :P
I know you want flash but using EPS complicates it and as you know those converters are expensive so I'm offering some ideas as a work around. Maybe converting to something else then find free tools to convert to flash
XnView Free converter it can convert EPS Encapsulated PostScript in to other bitmap image file formats
It can read more than 400 file formats also batch convert

Gimp is a free tool and can convert EPS to PNG Draw

Once you have a more suitable format you could decide then to convert to flash
At least these can be given to all the PC and they can work them
Just offering some ideas until others comment

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Thanks for the ideas, always welcome!
But =P We need it to remain vector based. and if we convert to these formats we will lose that. It is fine to convert to a intermediate format, but only if we don't lose this.

Also on the folder comment, I know a folder can't do that, but if we have a program running monitoring a folder for new files it could convert the files and then place the resulting files into another folder.

P.S. I'm sorry if I sound uneducated on this topic at any point, I don't do much work with images and I'm just trying to find a solution to what my production team has asked of me. If at any point something I say doesn't make sense, please point it out to me so I can find a better way to explain it.
It's ok I was just having a humerous moment.
Your question is well worded and what you need is explained pretty good.

agosselinelt may I suggest you use the request attention tab and ask the moderators to add this to scripting zones or better suited zone/s, they'll send out a ping again to designated experts in more areas.
Please do be patient though as we head into the week end.
If you have Photoshop Elements
Open the editor (edit and enhance photos). Go to File/Process Multiple
Files. Lots of choices.
Create a new folder and have the
processed files saved into the new folder.

I can try googling for you, not real experience there
I found Adobe Fireworks, I didnt know Adobe made fireworks.
But here again your faced with high costs
Customize scripts for exporting, batch operations
Adobe Fireworks CS5 (Portable)

Batch TIFF Resizer
Batch TIFF Resizer is a specialized batch image resizer which handles single and multi-pages TIFF image formats. Because of its multi-page support, it is increasingly use to store scanned documents such as architecture plans, contracts, invoices and the likes. This program is designed with these uses in mind.
Illustrator can export directly to SWF. If your staff know how to create AI files in Illustrator (CS3+ I believe) then they should be able to handle the SWF export themselves without any further intervention.

Maybe you can explain why this is not an option?

We would need to purchase at least 4 more copies of Illustrator to accomplish this, we are looking for something that is as cost effective as possible. If there are no other options this may be what we go with.
Also I have found out that they don't just need them converted, they have specific templates that need to use to convert with. I think buying copies of Illustrator for each user may be the only option.
But if there is a way to batch convert while using a template maybe I can still accomplish what I'm looking to do.

Thanks for the comments and I will see if I can flag the post as mentioned.
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This I believe is what I have been looking for. I will see if I can get this working tomorrow and let you all know what my result is. If anyone else has any idea, please keep posting I love any help I can get! =)

If your platform is windows, there's a script on the adobe forum post I linked to in my last post.
We have decided to go a different route with this problem and will look at the droplet type automation at the later time, thanks everyone for your comments!
Please do accept the response that you feel most closely matches the original question. Not only does this reward the Experts for participating, but it also helps future visitors that may have a similar question.

Thanks and good luck.