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Importing PST to Exchange 2010 - HELP

I am converting Lotus Notes NSF files to PST and trying to import them inot my new Exchange 2010. I see there is NO gui available (some internet sites show this but it was dropped in SP1 I assume). I tried using the EMS . . . and I get  a QUEUED response (after rights and syntax were painstakingly corrected) but nothing seems to happen.

What is my best bet to get this done.
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I've always used Microsoft's ExMerge to extract data; never to push data. Not sure if ExMerge will even work with Exchange 2010 (we haven't migrated yet). See if this page will help you.
If you "only" have a handful of users, then you can import each user's PST file into Exchange from Outlook (which is under "File" menu and then "Import/Export" for the older Outlook versions).

Outlook 2010 has it "hidden" under File => Options => Advanced => Export (which will also allow you imports from PST into your Inbox, which will actually sit on the Exchange).
OK first thing you want to do is to ensure the box is completely patched

1. Install 2010 SP1 since it includes many changes/enhancements to the import export process, i.e. commands have changed and Outlook is no longer required.

2. The install SP1 RU2 since it includes additional fixes to resolve import problems regarding certain problematic data problems in legacy databases and PST files.

3. Once the patches are applied check out this step-by-step article by Henrik Walther I think it will serve you well

4. and of course this detailed MS article will prove useful as well

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1. this is a link for Exchange 2007

I am able to run the NEW-MAILBOX Import in the Exchange Managaement Shell . . . it shows queued . . . when does this actually start? how can I tell?
1. oops, sorry about that here is the link for RU2

2. From this MS Article MS article it explains Import and Export requests are performed by the Mailbox Replication Service, which also processes move requests and mailbox restore requests. All request jobs will be queued and throttled by MRS. For more information, see

3. To check on Status see
I have already been to all the links you have sent. But has anyone actually ever done this? do you nwo of any third party software that does imports?
1. Yes I have done this and it works just fine.  I sent you the links since there is allot involved and I wanted to ensure you had all the available information to review.

2. Have you also checked your event logs on your server and CAS server?  There was an issue with certain data types that would cause the CAS service to fail.  SP1 RU2 fixed most of these but there were still issues with some data out there, however, if its just sitting in the queue I don't think thats your issue

3. How many PST files are you trying to import?

4. have you read this article?
I think I got it . . . I was WAY overthinking. Your zerohourssleep link woke me up. I was able to import successfully and it all looks good. Thanks for your help.
Excellent News, Glad the article were helpful.

For something like this I think articles are best because they have a great amount of information regarding how the import/export process works holistically and felt it was better to give you those then to start sending you a bunch of commands. :-)

BTW: My firm makes Exchange based products and one that could have helped you out, however, for what your doing the free tools work just fine.  That said if you are interested check out my profile to learn more about our products and my email address is also within should you want to chat offline.

BTW for everyones benefit, ExMerge will NOT work with 2010, however, if you are interested in a more powerful solution that works with all versions of Exchange check out my profile.
Smartini if all is well can you close the case?
SPoke too soon... Had 3 or 4 successes so went to a bigger file . . . 1.5 GB. Failed
Can open PST fine in Outlook. Ideas?
1. Have you installed SP1 RU2?
2. Anything happening in your event logs?
3. is your CAS service by chance dying and then restarting?
This mailbox exceeded the maximum number of corrupted items that were specified for this move request.
I got this each time in a different folder . . . as I went in a removed mail . . . can I set the "maximum number" to unlimited?
What about scanpst
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