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VMware – question regarding # of cores per virtual machine

I have a question regarding the number of cores or CPUs you can assign a virtual machine.  Is there a number that would start to impede performance of the virtual machine?  The company that I work for recently hired a new IT manager.  He is very knowledgeable about VMware.  He said that virtual machines should not have more than one core or one CPU assigned to them.  He said assigning more cores can actually impede performance.  We are running ESXi 4.1 and I find it hard to believe that VMware allows you to assign up to 8 processors per VM yet using more than one CPU can impede performance.  The new guy has been working with VMware for years.  Is this something that maybe was true in early versions of VMware but isn’t true now?

I’m fairly new to VMware and was asked to virtualize a SQL server.  The physical server has two quad core processors.  I don’t feel comfortable virtualizing the server and only giving it one CPU.

Is this guy correct with his assumption that you should only assign one core or CPU per virtual machine for performance reasons or is he totally wrong?  Any insight or links to documentation that would prove him wrong would be appreciated (assuming he is wrong).

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You introduce a bit of overhead whenever you introduce a SMP environment as compared to a one processor environment. That being said the answer to your question is "it depends." It depends primarily on the applications you are to be running in the vm as well as the processor requirements.

Rule of thumb - start with one and if the vm turns out to be processor bound then add another. If you add another and the vm doesn't need it, then there will be degredation. On the other hand, it there is significant load and an application that can take advantage of all those cores (like SQL for example) then by all means - it will run much better with multiple processors.

Hope this helps
The answer is no it will not impede performance as long as the server is part of the VMWare HCL.

I had the same point brought to my attention and after researching I found this article that describes it best.
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unless you have a multithreaded application such as sql you will not take advantage of multiple vCPUs.  He is correct on the CPU side because the more CPUs your VM has the slower it may be.  The reason for this is that the vCPUs have to be queued up to do any work even though there may be only enough processing for a single vCPU.

As bgoering stated started with 1 and go from there.  With windows 2008 x 64 and up you can hott add CPUs on the fly if needed if you setup the VM correctly.
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