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Is there a VBA Code Cleaner for Excel 2004 for Mac?

I am trying to remove a hidden macro from excel.  There's no macros listed, there's no hidden sheets, I've removed the VBA module, I've removed the sheet code for "this worksheet" (also started doing this individually on each worksheet - but I have over 100 and so far all but 2 are blank), Ctrl+F11 just adds another macro sheet,  and I've downloaded Ron Bovey's VBA Code Cleaner -- but it's an .exe which Mac doesn't execute.  But my spreadsheet still asks if I want to disable my macro when I open it.  Any more ideas?
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By the way, this all started when I added a module for Patricks UDF "GetVals".  At first it worked great, but after closing and re-opening my spreadsheet, it became extremely unstable and would crash excel every time.  Now I'm trying to backtrack.
Follow the steps in this link.  These steps apply to all excel worksheets, whether it is for windows or for the MAC.

melissa61: I believe you have an empty module and hence you are getting that prompt. Delete that module and everything will be okay.

If it doesn't help then upload your workbook. I have a MAC and I can test it for you.

Thank you for the replies, but I still haven't found the solution.  I have already followed links posted on this subject and have tried everything posted including deleting my code module.  The only thing I haven't done completely is go through each individual sheet code module to see if there is code.  I have a large spreadsheet with about 120 sheets, and I've checked about 50 of them - 2 had code which I erased.  This process is extremely tedious.  The best solution I had found in previous links is a "VBA Code Cleaner."  Is there such a thing for Excel for Mac???

Sid, thanks for the offer to upload my workbook -- it contains all my personal financial information, so I don't want to upload it over the internet.  Is there another way?

I would really love to try a VBA Code Cleaner -- does anybody know of one that will run on a Mac?
melissa61: Can you post a screenshot of your vba editor?

Did you use Rob Bovey's latest version....Version 5.0? If not, see this link:

If the above doesn't help, you should try doing the MAC equivalent of the Windows control panel repair suggested below:
Hi Nobler, we fixed it by doing a repair of Office from control panel so that it forced a re-register of the COM classes (which re-install didn't do?). If you go to Control Panel and then to "Add or Remove Programs" (I'm in Windows XP) and then click on Office and select repair when you run the installer. Also, it's never a bad thing to cut and paste the code from the offending VBA module into a new one and then delete the old one.
also see this link to download Microsoft's free vba code cleaner for Excel:

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