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New Spiceworks installation issue?

I switched my spiceworks install to a much faster Server 2008 machine today and now every machine has:"Windows authentication error when attempting to connect to this device".

This sucks, I spent a long time to get it down to only 4 devices with no WMI issues.

Anyone have suggestions???
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i recently moved my spice works configuration and i believe i had to update all the accounts used for scanning that the passwords didn't migrate.

I wasn't really paying attention when i first saw the errors and i clicked on the messages presented for each system and i supplied credentials to a couple and it started to scan the rest of the systems to see if it could use it.

Then the most bizzar thing happened.. the spot where you put your network subnets to scan in.. ya i had one for every windows device on our network.  It took me a while to get everything back in order.
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LOL, I'll check out the saved password. Hoepfully that is it.
It didn't work...grrr!

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