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Exchange Mailbox move to another user

I have 2 users on our SBS 2003 server (accounting and custservice), both with usernames and emails accounts (exchange 2003) named the same (accounting@... and custservice@...). Now, they have decided they will need personalized usernames and email addresses, like I already have their new AD and Excahnge accounts setup, but I want to move all the emails that are currently in their old account into their new account, so when they login to their new account and open outlook.....all the other account emails will be available. What is the quickest, yet best method to accomplish this task? I know you can export the pst in outlook and re-import, but is this the best method, or does exchange itself have something built in to accomplish this? Thank you for your time.
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The easiest way is to change their existing login/email to match the new login/email. Don't create a new account; instead modify the existing account(s).
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The only issue with that, and maybe I should have mentioned it, the old user accounts will still remain in place and possibly be used by someone else in the future. Until then I am going to forward new messages to the old accounts to the new user accounts.
Well, I suppose the easiest thing is to modify the "old" account sto match the new information. Then, create new accounts for use by the "someone else in the future".
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Or else, you can download the ExMerge utility. Even that will extract PSTs.
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I'm with demazter on this.

The old mailboxes should become resource/functional mailboxes...
Thanks, I think that's what I needed demazter. If in the future they no longer need access to the old mailbox, and i reverse the process, will it then remove the old accounts email in outlook received up to that point? They would want to keep all email up to that point.
>>will it then remove the old accounts email in outlook received up to that point?
Yes it will.  Because you are simply accessing a shared mailbox once they no longer have permissions to it they will no longer be able to see the messages.

>>They would want to keep all email up to that point
Then they will need to move them in to their own mailbox or export them to PST
Thanks for your help! I am going to do this today and close this question.