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"ODBC call failed" on one specific query to SQL Server, no matter ODBC, ADO, pass through, etc.

The same query can work using one variable in the where clause, but fail using another -- same table, same query.
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Anthony Perkins
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Post the query and the consition that it fails with and the one that is successful.
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set rs = db.OpenRecordset("Select * from tbl where TSid = " & lngTsID)

is one variation that fails.  lngTSIS is a number.  sometimes it works sometimes not.
I am sorry but I am afraid that does not help me.  I was asking for the specific values in your condition that fail and which are successful.

Hopefully, someone will step up to the plate with some insight.

Good luck.
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It doesn't figure out the issue, but it solves the problem.