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Change clients email address in Small Business Server / Exchange Server 2003

I have a client that has decided to change his name and would like for his email to reflect that change, but also receive email from his original account and from his new account. Also when he sends replies to those emails he wants it to say his new name on the replies. They are using a SBS2003 with Exchange Server 2003.  

I have tried setting up an alias on his original object in AD, his email receives both names but his replies shows his original name,, not

So I created another Object in AD with the name NewName, prior to this I removed the alias "" from I gave read & full access permissions. I set up his Outlook on his local workstation to receive and have access to his incoming email and also send replies. All works well except for the fact that I can not get his reply email to say his new name.

I have found some great help on here but I am stuck on this last piece of this puzzle.
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I have read if I do that my client will no longer receive his He still receives emails under that name.
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He will receive emails on both email addresses as long as you don't delete the old email address.

You can test that if you want, if it does not work, go ahead and delete the new email address.
I will give that a try and let you know how it goes.
Sure...Please mark this is an answer if it works. I am in desperate need of some points ;-)