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Windows Server role transfer

How to transfer roles in case of main Domain controller is down.
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That's all you need. Simply seize the roles make your DC the authority and off you go. has a lot more on this but that KB should get you going.

Here is another link to the same info. I'm including it because you really should know about Petri. It's awesome.
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If your DC is completely down , then you have to seize the FSMO roles using


Using ntdsutil command utility you can transfer the FSMO roles.

Tushar Kaskhedikar
Moderator, this question has been answered.
you need to understand that it a DC is only doen for a short time,...the real answer is, don't transfer anything!

You only seize (not transfer) roles when the problem dc is permanently down,...I'm not sure if anyone reallty made that clear.