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How do I get rid of the debug information in an EXE

In Delphi 2009 I enabled all the debugging features including "Include remote debug info" which made my .EXE jump from around 8MB to over 20MB.  After debugging I set it all back to normal but the .EXE when I build it is still over 20MB.  No idea what I am doing wrong here.

Here are my settings:

Thanks in advance!
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After changing something, and if you feel its a final configuration?, check the Default CheckBOX; Quit Delphi; then Open it again, try to compile your new project.
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Below is the default settings as it appears in my Delphi 2009:

you need to build (= full compile) your project after changing options like compiler settings

there is no check for changes in options, so you don't get a different exe when compiling as normal

Hit Shift-F9: Rebuild Project
no need to restart delphi
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I was able to find the solution on my own.  Hopefully this will help others!