What hapend with program

As yo may see on attached picture i can't use my app any more. In project directory i do not see any diference. it looks like any other project to me. Sometimes in general while i work i make some mistakes and app run in error. So is it the truble that ruines it.
What must be repared?

What is wrong?

program Mont;

  jeMap in 'jeMap.pas' {Form1},
 {$R *.res}

  Application.CreateForm(TForm1, Form1);
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pasoloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It appears it was saved in Unicode.
Open forma.dpr with a text editor that support Save As Ansi. It should fix if that was the reason.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
close delphi
delete the .dsk in the project folder
start delphi
and run again
pr2501Author Commented:
i can not find .dsk in project folder.
(see attached picture)
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it would seem that you are opening the .exe in Delphi.
Close it, and open the .DPR

If opening the DPR leads to this, I don't know what you have fucked up but probably you'll have to recreate the project and add the units.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
wow, good eyes epasquier ... you still have it
i missed that detail :) !
epasquier, it does not appear like the .exe file if we are seeing from the start of it. The EXE signature is not there. For me. forma.dpr was saved as Unicode.
hi epasquier, nice to see you.
hi Geert; I know your holding a beer.

Yes, it's not an .Exe format, its just an .exe file overwritted,  but not also saved as Unicode.
It's just an .exe file that was overwritten into a formed of hexa-code.

Cleanup your Delphi files; using this console commands; or make a batch file to automate the deletion;
del *.exe /s
del *.dcu /s
del *.res /s
del *.~* /s
del *.cfg /s
del *.bdsproj
del *.bdsproj.*

After that commands,  rebuild your project, make a new project, add all your necessary .pas files to the project.
pr2501Author Commented:
I have copied .dpr from an old project and now is ok.

tahnk you
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